Here are some thoughts from people who have read the book.


John – Great book mate. Well done. It was an uplifting story . What challenges you have overcome. Thanks for letting me read it. I am looking forward to the sequel.


AnneYou have done a great job with your book.  Having been with Mum and Dad the day of your accident and the months that followed brought the trauma back as I started reading your book.

It is a very honest and real account of your journey and I appreciate what a challenge it must have been for you to have written it. I admire your grit and determination in your recovery and your positive outlook on life.  Obviously, your own faith and the faith, love and support of your family have played such a big part. 

It is a true encouragement for people who, for whatever reason, find themselves in a similar position.  I am happy to commend your book to those with brain related injury or any illness that requires ongoing and challenging recovery and indeed their family.


Daniel – I found what you said really helpful to understand what you want through and to get a better understanding of the challenges people with a brain injury face. I was inspired by your story and your drive to keep going despite losing so much.

It is so good that you are able to tell your story to young people as they start out in driving.
One other thing that stood out was that you had a group of Christian friends who meet regularly with you, so important in a world of isolation.
Thanks again for sharing your story.


Phil – This is an incredible story of recovery narrated by the brain injury survivor himself.  He is warm and revealing as he describes his journey.
David’s description of the function of an injured brain trying to find memories is insightful.  His story is encouraging and fundamentally hopeful in the face of extremely harsh realities.
He’s genuine regarding his limitations, struggles and depression through his recovery and reintegration into society.
Thank you for sharing your story Dave.


Kylie – I would like to express my thanks to Dave Paton for producing such an informative, authentic and personal journey of his own. I purchased Dave’s book recently and not only myself and other staff members, but visitors to the Safe Haven in Parkes are also able to experience reading Dave’s story as it is displayed on our bookshelf for people to read at any time whilst in the space.


Paul – I am very impressed with your determination and successes on your road to your recovery. I can only imagine the challenges you faced in the early days and still do today.

I hope life keeps improving for you and your family and keep writing, you have knack for it.


James – “This is an entertaining and delightful book about an inspirational journey. It provides an insight into the brain and how infinitely adaptable and malleable it is. It is an ongoing journey with ongoing challenges. Having met and known Dave, I am delighted to add my support and encouragement to the book and to a man that has climbed more mental and emotional mountains than very few others will ever have to.

I wholeheartedly endorse this excellent read.”