Free Stuff

I am in the process of creating and gathering together some free resources in regard to your brain and overall health. There are not many products here yet as I have only just started the process so please check back soon for new content. I hope that you can find some benefit in them.



Free mini-course on Persisting through hard times 







Affirmation reflections

Physical Injury Heals Quicker With Healthy Habits



Methods of dealing with depression

If you are struggling with depression, I have found a really helpful, free resource that contains behavioural strategies for managing depression. An impact of my brain injury is I struggle with generating new ideas so I find it really hard to think of enjoyable activities to do. Apart from general tips to do with managing depression, this document contains a fun activities catalogue that is a list of 365 pleasurable activities to do that you may not of otherwise thought of.

The document is produced by the Centre for Clinical Interventions and their website is

Click here to access the document.



Free mini-course on Understanding Trauma

Here is a link to a free mini-course on understanding trauma from the Centre for Healing. To access it, click here.