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Hey everybody, although my site has inspirational content that can benefit everyone, the main people who can benefit from my website are brain-injured people or people that care for or live with them.

I have survived a severe car crash where I sustained a brain injury and I have written a book surrounding my recovery journey. I understand that living with a brain injury, not only affects you but also affects everyone living around you so I wrote the book to help other brain-injured people and the people around them.



Here are the facts surrounding the creation of my story. 

  • The story took me 2 1/2 years to write.
  • Research has shown that it takes significantly more energy for a person who has suffered a brain injury just to get through a day compared to a person who does not have a brain injury.
  • Writing a book takes much more energy than just getting through every day.
  • This means that the energy it took me to write my book was most likely much greater than what it would take anyone without an injury like mine to write an equivalent book.
  • My wife tells me that I spent hundreds of hours on my story over the 2 1/2 years.


As you can see, I put all of this time and effort into writing my story but I have a servant’s heart so I wanted to do everything in my power to make the information and vital life lessons contained inside my book as accessible to people as possible.

Therefore, I am not charging people relative to what it took me to create it.

  • The pdf is $7




You could experience trauma in your life to learn everything that I have learned or you can take a shortcut. This shortcut is where I have taken all the pain and you get all the gain. In other words, buy my book and you will learn the life lessons I have learnt by being almost killed, without you needing to go through what I did to learn them.




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I have also written a short summary of my journey that you can read here before you buy my book.



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