Reclaiming life after brain injury

Motivation As I have said on the previous page, I have written a detailed story about my journey to recovery from a severe car accident. The story outlines the steps that were involved in my recovery and I really want them to be of some use to you, whether that may be from:


  • Inspiration from the hurdles that I had to overcome, that may inspire you to tackle obstacles in your life.


  • Ideas of therapies that helped me that may help you or your loved one further recover.




You could experience trauma in your life to learn everything that I have learned or you can take a shortcut. This shortcut is where I have taken all the pain and you get all the gain. In other words, buy my book and you will learn the life lessons I have learnt by almost killed, without you needing to go through what I did to learn them.


I truly believe that the content and the life lessons contained within this ebook are very valuable. I think anyone would much rather pay money for these life lessons instead of almost paying for them with their life, just as I did. Because I have a servant’s heart, I want to make it accessible for everyone in need of it, so I don’t want money to be something that prevents any of those people from buying it.


Therefore, I’m not going to sell it for a price that it is worth as many people do not have the capacity to pay that much, I am selling it for $17 AUD. As I live in Australia, the prices are all in Australian dollars. You can pay $17 or if anyone wants to and has the capacity to pay anything over $17, the payment gateway I am using allows the purchaser to name the price that they want to pay, $17 or above. I greatly appreciate whatever you decide to give me for the book!

The story is almost 19,000 words long so I have also made an audio recording of it. If you don’t have time to read 19,000 words, then you may prefer to listen to it. I am selling the audio file (mp3), for $27. Same as with the pdf above, if anyone would like to and has the ability to pay anything over $27, I would again, greatly appreciate any amount you give me for the audio recording.

Then if anyone wants to pay $6 more than the audio recording, they can get both.

Title Price Purchase links
Reclaiming life after brain injury (pdf) $17+ Add to cart
Reclaiming life after brain injury (audio recording) $27+ Add to cart
Reclaiming life after brain injury (pdf and audio recording) $33+ Add To Cart

Thank you so much for your support everyone!!

David Paton