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As I have said in my book, I have only recently gotten a smartphone but it has become indispensable in the ways that it helps me in navigating life. I use multiple apps that help me in various areas.


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Smartphone 128GB, Graphite



My memory is not the best so I use a free app called Evernote to make lists of things that I need to do. An example of something I use it for is to make lists of things, such as a shopping list. During the day, if I think of or find something that I need from the shops, I can add it to the list in the app. They can be added using a checkbox so it makes it easier when you are shopping and looking at the app as you can check it off when you have found it. This list can also be shared between you and a partner, who can also add things to the same list in the app. This happens in real time so you can see updates as they occur.






Another app that I find really helpful is called Timetree. This is a calendar app that can be shared between you and a partner. It also has a free version and can be shared with your partner. Like the previous app, it updates in real-time and allows my wife and I to check each other’s schedules by checking the app.





If those apps sound like they would be beneficial to you or even if you do not like the apps but are interested in a smartphone, click here to go to Amazon to locate one you like.


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